Why Influencer Marketing is important - Part One

“Our members are huge promoters of what we do. And they’ve been telling their friends and telling their networks and telling their communities about us. So it made sense to try to incentivize that, to encourage that, and also to reinforce our need to just be as real as possible—to do our customers a service by making their job easier when they’re telling people about who we are.” - Chris Small, SoundStripe

It's Powerful

There’s nothing more powerful than effective word of mouth recommendations.
In fact, “marketing induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” (McKinsey) and those acquired through word of mouth have a 37% higher retention rate.
Influencer marketing, especially consumers turned influencer marketing, is a great way for brands to channel the power of word of mouth marketing and track its results. Imagine if there was a way to channel the power of word of mouth marketing and reward people for helping your business grow - with GrowSumo’s influencer marketing program, you can.

It's Engaging

Don’t be left behind - go to where the customers are. If customers are moving toward consumer to consumer advice, tap into those consumers and work with them to promote your brand. 70% of brands are increasing their social media spend this coming year (Salesforce) with a whopping 35% of companies regularly switching up their digital marketing tactics to attune to their customers.
Social media isn’t just a new opportunity for advertisements, it’s a new way to foster community and engage with consumers. More importantly, it’s a new channel that empowers customers to speak with brands rather than be spoken to.
Influencers have the power to spark organic conversations and influence your followers on a personal level. Don’t waste that power

It's Smart Science

Working with influencers adds personality to your brand.
When companies align themselves with certain people or a type of audience, consumers with similar backgrounds; aspirations; or experiences will flock.
For instance, if the MLB started working with Michael Phelps to promote their brand - the MLB’s audience wouldn’t connect with his messaging.
However, if they worked with Jackie Robinson their campaign would go much further. The same goes for your company. It may seem easy to jump to the first A-lister that comes to mind, but imagine if you tapped into a network of influencers that already supported and understood your product. Imagine if you worked with your customers to amplify your brand. Odds are, they would not only provide more authentic recommendations but would filter their friends and network and target those they connected with the most. In short, empowering your customers to influence their networks is not only a cost effective means of marketing - but an auto-sorted and engaging way to target new consumers and reward existing ones.

Generalization < Personalization


Everybody's talking about it

Influencer marketing is a hot topic right now.

Not only is the media obsessing over this new wave of marketing, but companies all over are jumping into new ways to capitalize on it. A quick search on Google Trends shows the keyword ‘Influencer Marketing’ has jumped up over 5000% since last year, and shows no signs of stopping.
The best part about this is that we’ve only just cracked the surface. The even greater part is that it’s not as hard as people think.

Keep an eye out for 'Why influencer marketing is important - Part Two'!

Bella Francis

Bella Francis

Content Marketing Coordinator at GrowSumo