New & Improved Email Manager

New and Improved Email manager. Easily launch and manage as many automated email campaigns as you need. Automatically sort through segments and create targeted campaigns as well!
Luke Swanek
Luke Swanek
New & Improved Email Manager

Emails just got a new look

Sending emails have never been this easy, or looked this good GrowSumo’s email campaign manager has been revamped to give you more control over your messaging and delivery.

Improved campaign filters

Now you can quickly filter between automatic and manual messages and easily expand or refine your email campaigns. Whether you’re looking to optimize your automated campaigns or experiment with a few manual messages, you can now one-click sort your messages and view which emails are the most successful.


  • Using a mix of both automatic and manual messaging is the best way to keep your program strong and engaged. Having a set automatic drip that keeps partners updated on their performance + sprinkling manual messages helps foster a program that’s both engaging and personal.
  • We recommend experimenting with at least one manual message a month

(Example: A plain text reach out)

“Hey there! John here, just wanted to reach out and see how things are going! It’s our job here at xyz to make sure our partners are set up for success! If you have any feedback on the program so far, shoot me a message — would love to hear your thoughts!”

Send campaigns to multiple groups at once!

Need to send out a flurry of emails in a short period of time, look no further. GrowSumo’s new email interface now lets you select multiple groups at once — cutting down the time it takes to send an email campaign and let you experiment with different partner segments.


  • Try using groups to segment by location, activity (i.e., # of sales, refers, signups, etc.), or by product (if you have multiple product offerings).

This is a great way to experiment with different types of partners or can be a great way to help plan for future campaigns or rewards!

More trigger options

Create your very own time-triggered emails. Using our improved email campaign interface, you can now set campaigns based on time — making it easier for you to set custom lifecycle engagement campaigns and send relative campaigns to your specific partners. Inspiration

  • 7 Day Check-In: “Thanks for joining xyz’s partner program! How are things going so far? Would love to hear your thoughts!”
  • 1 Year Celebration: “It’s been a year since you’ve joined our partner program! On behalf of the entire team at xyz, I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done so far!”
  • One week left reminder: “There’s only a few week left before the end of the month, here are a few ways you can share your link to maximize your rewards …”
  • Monthly updates and announcements: “We wanted to pop in and give you an update on some cool things going on over here at xyz. We’ve recently rolled out new service plans and have updated our community program with brand new assets, including exclusive webinars, case studies, and more!”

Need some help getting started or have any feedback for future features? Shoot us a message or try the platform out for yourself for free!

Luke Swanek

Luke Swanek

VP Sales, Cofounder at GrowSumo

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