(New) More Powerful and Versatile Links

Custom Partner Links:

Gif of multi-links

Customizable partner links are now available! Multiple links have been our most requested feature yet and we are super excited to show you what we have done! Partners can now direct traffic to any page of a company's website. This means a partner can now promote a specific product, service, or landing page - depending on what you are trying to do!

Company-Controlled Links:


Companies can also pick which link destination their partners will receive by default. This allows a company to give partners their most important links by default. Additionally, companies can now automatically attach a unique UTM campaign to attribute web traffic back to their program or a specific partner group!

(New) Partner Dashboard

Introducing the cleanest and simplest way to manage your partner activity. The partner dashboard is now mobile friendly allowing partners to login and access their links on mobile devices!

As a result of the redesign, companies will now be able to set challenges and tasks for their partners to complete!

Bella Francis

Bella Francis

Content Marketing Coordinator at GrowSumo