Influencer Tips Vol .1

1. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach

Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

Who am I recommending the product to?
What value(s) will the product bring to them?

Simply explaining what a product is to someone and its features won’t necessarily get them to try it. Explaining what a product does for someone and how it benefits them will.

What the product is and does:

  • Portable speaker with bluetooth capability

  • How it benefits the user:
  • No cables required so you can easily pack and bring the speaker with you
  • Simple setup process lets you and your friends easily connect to the speaker and play your favorite songs
  • Different features stand out to different people; learn about their preferences and customize your message!

    2. Give yourself more credit

    If you’ve personally used this product before, you are familiar with how it works and how it’s provided value for you.

    While a referral link might not offer any discounts, it does offer your knowledge and support! Share your experience and how the product can provide value for others. Take time to help users get set up and answer questions they may have about the product; create an enriching experience for them. This kind of support is not something you get from advertisements and can, at times, be way more valuable than a discount.

    3. Include resources to help people learn more about your product

    Once you’ve introduced a product to someone, they are probably going to want to learn more about it if they’re interested. Help people easily understand the product you’re promoting by including videos, case studies, and Q&As (and of course, don’t forget your referral link!).

    4. Provide a call to Action (CTA)

    So you’ve introduced the product to your friends, and they’ve learned about how it could benefit them… now what?

    Follow the information you’re providing with an action - if your goal is to get someone to sign up, include a link or button at the bottom of your article that leads him or her to the signup page. The key is to make things as simple as possible for the user.

    Think about how you’d feel if you read an article about an amazing product but didn’t know where to buy it because it wasn’t mentioned in the article. Or a restaurant that someone talked about but didn’t mention its name or location. Probably discouraged and maybe even a little frustrated. Often times, people forget to link images and words or include buttons in their articles, leaving readers unsure of what to do next.

    Have a clear understanding of what you want people to do after they’ve read your email; blog post; newsletter; and provide a strong call to action to help them get there.

    5. Connect with other Influencers

    Having someone to bounce ideas off of is a great place to start. Join a program with a friend, or reach out to other influencers in communities. (Some great communities include Slack, Reddit forums, facebook groups, linkedin groups, quora, or even meetups). Meeting new influencers lets you grow your personal network and learn from others.