How to identify Micro Influencers

Why Micro Influencers?

Trusted: opinions evoke high degrees of credibility and confidence from friends and followers
Brand relevant: high connection with brand, product, and brand- relevant topics
High in volume: exist in greater numbers than mega or macro influencers, able to generate content at scale
Are loyal: have existing brand relationship based on purchase history and positive brand affinity
Will advocate: will recommend or publically support brand and products
Have influence: able to drive friends and followers to take the desired action

They're authentic

Customers trust peers more than brands. For example, customer referral codes and promo codes are shared on average 10x more than digital ads and people are 4x more likely to purchase a new product when referred by a friend. In fact, 74% consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision and 10x more reliable than paid media.


They're engaged

Microinfluencers make people feel special. You know your product, and you know why you love it—if it aligns with micro influencers, odds are their pitch will be as authentic as yours.
Find people who are engaged in the communities that matter most to you, and work with them to align their goals with yours. Brands often think that marketing somehow translates into maximizing views and then converting them. Microinfluencers challenge that mentality, by increasing views of your product but only to the consumers that it aligns best with.

They're cost effective

Believe it or not, you don’t need $100,000 + to work with influencers.
Instead of spending $100,000 on a single post, why not spend a tenth of that on rewarding your best customers for referring new people or getting more posts with lesser known, more niche micro influencers. Yes, a single post may not have the same yield of views a celebrity post will but—10 posts might. So, when drafting up your influencer marketing plan figure out what matters most to you right now: views or ROI

They're everywhere

The best part about micro influencers is that they’re everyday people.

If you could assign tags to yourself, what would they be? Are you an expert Apple user, a music junkie, a festival connoisseur? Better yet, are you the go-to person for medical advice; podcast suggestions; or even travel tips. These are all important ways to identify your micro influence. Simple right? Luckily for you, it’s just as simple to do the same when looking for micro influencers outside of your network.

Not sure where to start?
Look to your own customers for support.

Your best customers are your best influencers

Find ways to engage them, connect with them, and build relationships with them. Not only do your customers know your product well, but if they love it—they’ll recommend it to their friends and their peers. When thinking about influencer marketing, customers are often forgotten. But reflect on how many times you’ve influenced your friends to try out a product, not because of a reward but because you had an amazing experience. Why did this work? Was it because you forced them, or was it because you were genuine?

You see, micro influencers not only enable companies to create more; distribute more; and connect with their customers at scale but they bypass adblockers and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Emily Lonetto

Emily Lonetto

Growth & Marketing @ GrowSumo